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Cavies of Camelot is located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Our caviary started when we adopted a long-haired red/white cavy named Buddy. After much web surfing, we discovered we had a Coronet boar. Then we were hooked, and the web surfing continued.

We located several caviaries and were so fortunate to be able to get our first show quality cavies from Tracy Corbeil of Fort York Caviary in Toronto, Canada, Sandy Dumitru of Sunflower Cavies in Laguna Hills, California, Megan Rygel of Glory & Company in Seattle, Washington, Carole Newbill of Carole’s Cavy Carats in Anaheim, California and Heather Baskey of Red Rock Caviary, also in Toronto, Canada.

We took one of Sandy’s cavies, a junior silkie TSW named Sunflower’s Patches to our first show and won Best of Breed. Wow, what a start!

We have recently gone to our 3rd show and took Best in Show with Glory & Company’s Matthew, a black/white coronet boar.

After looking at several breeds, we have decided to specialize in Coronets and Silkies.

We would like to send a great big "Texas Thank You" to all the wonderful folks who sent their excellent cavies to South Texas and to Diane Robison of Royal Caviary in Conroe, Texas, who has been a real mentor to us.

Bill & Karan Beyer